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Here at Scottish Medical Negligence Journal, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy of those who visit our web site. We will not collect any personal information about those who visit our website that might identify who they are or where they are from. Only when visitors wish to openly disclose personal information to us will we gather that information. Therefore we do not collect and store your personal information, sell it to a third party or use it for purposes of marketing. However, we may gather some information about someone who visits our web site that will help us to better understand how people use our web site.

Usually, web sites collect session and persistent cookies when you visit them. Once you leave a web site, session cookies are deleted but persistent cookies can remain on your hard drive. As our web site does not use cookies of any kind, your visit to our web site remains in complete confidence.

You may find that other web sites store information such as the IP address of your computer, the pages you visited and the domain from which you entered the site. Our web site does not collect this type of information and will not ever ask you to provide it to us.

Only if you register with us or request additional information from us will we collect information from you. If you wish to contact us, the best way is by email. You will need to fill out a form and fill in various sections so we can find out who you are, answer your questions and get back to you in an expedient manner.

When you do contact us and provide us information we will keep that information for fifteen days as this will allow us enough time to reply to your request. After those fifteen days, the information will be removed from our system and any information we may have on you for informative purposes will be removed.

If you request further information related to something on our web site, third parties may gain access to your personal information as these are contractors with whom we work so as to help provide our visitors with answers to their questions. These contractors are held to our standards of privacy and are not allowed to disclose any of your personal information to any outside entities.

We may send out simple surveys and questionnaires from time to time to rate the efficiency and effectiveness of our web site. You do not have to respond to them and will remain a registered user of our web site.

We know that your privacy is important to you and that your personal information remain secure. We maintain the high standards in privacy so that you do not have to be concerned that any other parties are aware of your information or that questions or queries that you make to us are being exploited.